Directions: Fill in your name and best contact phone, and then choose a number for each activity, where
    0 = prefer not to be contacted and
    5 = highest degree of interest. Then hit Submit. That's all it takes!

    Name:     Best contact phone:


    Serve on a facilities team to decide on repairs and improvements

    Work on repair and improvement jobs around the church

    Assist with leaf-raking or other short-term jobs

    Outreach and Missions

    Help coordinate outreach and missions work of the church

    Do home repair to meet local needs

    Go on a disaster relief trip outside the area

    Represent church in an outreach such as Habitat or food pantry


    Help set up congregational meals and other get-togethers

    Help with events such as Oyster Supper, Apple Butter, Barbecues

    Play a church league sport: which sport?


    Serve on a team to advise and consult with the pastor

    Work with candidates for the ministry

    Christian Education and Discipleship

    Teach Sunday School, preferred age:

    Serve as a Sunday School substitute or assistant

    Work with infants and toddlers (Sunday School or worship hour)

    Serve as summer camp representative

    Serve as summer camp counselor

    Help with summer youth program on Wednesdays (Bible Academy)

    Help lead youth: prefer junior or senior?

    Interest in Bible Study: leading, hosting or attending?


    Help prepare church budget

    Serve as church treasurer

    Serve as financial secretary (count,  deposit and report offerings)

    Vacation Bible School

    Serve as VBS co-director: elementary or preschool

    Serve as VBS crew leader directly working with kids

    Serve as VBS leader doing activities such as crafts or games

    Grab Bag of Service Opportunities

    Serve on a Gifts and Calling Team to identify talents in others

    Serve on the church Leadership Team

    Represent us at District Conference (in Bridgewater, in November)

    Represent us at Annual Conference (out of state, July, expenses paid)

    Serve as the agent for Messenger subscriptions

    Answer phone and do small office jobs during secretary’s vacation

    Congregational Care

    Visit those who can’t get out and about

    Provide rides to doctors for the elderly

    Provide rides to church for the elderly

    Prepare and take in meals on occasion

    Operate sound or video system during worship service

    Help Deacons with communion or Love Feast preparation

    Contribute to church website

    Help with writing and editing the newsletter

    Help with assembling and mailing the newsletter

    Write up church news for local release and Messenger


    Serve on a team to coordinate worship and music

    Tell the Children’s Story for four Sundays

    Serve as a worship leader

    Preach a sermon when a substitute is needed

    Serve as a greeter before church one month

    Read opening meditation to begin worship service

    Serve as an usher and help take up offering

    Prepare flowers or other display for the front table (altar)

    Participate in dramas

    Sing in the choir

    Sing or play contemporary praise and worship music

    Lead children in singing

    Provide special music for a Sunday worship service

    Serve as substitute pianist

    Lead singing of hymns (chorister)

    Finally, below, something you'd just like to see us do (be creative!)