Sermon Recap: FALL OF HUMANITY based on Genesis 3:1-24

Many people object to the belief in God because of the presence of evil and suffering in our world. If God is good, then why does evil exist? God created everything good, for he is holy and perfect. However, when he created humanity, he created humanity with free will and the ability to choose. God did so because he did not want to force humanity to choose to have a relationship with him but for humanity to want to have a relationship with him. Relationships are strongest when it is built on mutual choice. But with free will came a risk, that humanity would instead choose to go its own way, separate from God, and give into sin.

When the serpent came into the garden, the goal was to drive a wedge between humanity and God. Satan had already fallen from heaven; now, he wanted to corrupt God’s perfect creation. Therefore, in the form of a serpent, he found Adam and Eve and bombarded them with several temptations–temptations that we all face even today. The fall of humanity goes far beyond simply eating the forbidden fruit; instead, it is the widespread surrender to the temptations.

What temptations did Adam and Eve face, and we all face?

  1. Questioning the Word of God (Gen 3:1). The Word of God should be non-negotiable. Instead, questioning the Word of God questions the authority of the one who gives the Word, as well as the accuracy of the Word and the integrity of the authority. Adam and Eve began to question the Word instead of standing on the Word as authority enough. The more we stray and question the Word, the further we drift from God.
  1. Engaging with the deceiver (Gen 3:2-3). Instead of silencing the voice of the serpent, they continued to dialogue. The more they dialogue, the more they allow the serpent to fill their heads and hearts with lies. The more we engage the evil one, the more we allow his lies to flood our spirits and souls. We eventually get to a place where we cannot distinguish what is truth and what is a lie. Instead, we should cut off any voice that speaks that directly opposes God’s Word. The best remedy to confusion and deceit is to surround yourself with truth!
  1. Questioning God’s motives (Gen 3:4-5). Adam and Eve began to believe the lie of the serpent, that God placed the prohibition because he was trying to keep something from them. Once we start questioning the motives of those around us, we allow the space to be filled with conspiracy theories or questioning the integrity of those who love us. The questioning builds walls and separates us from the ones we love, and we begin to push them away. That is precisely what Adam and Eve did to God, and in pushing away, they moved one step closer to sin.
  1. Giving space to lusts and emotions (Gen 3:6). Instead of standing on truth and God, Adam and Eve allowed their lusts and emotions to take over. They longed to fill their belly and desired to gain wisdom. Science shows us that when we are stuck in our emotions, we cannot access our logical reasoning. When we allow our emotions and lusts to take over, we can’t stop thinking about what we want or the temptation to sin instead of truth.
  1. Going along with the crowd (Gen 3:6). Adam could have put a stop to all of it. Instead, he watched Eve and the serpent and willingly joined along. We don’t know why he joined along, but going with the flow, the crowd, and what the world calls “normal” can lead us straight into trouble. Jesus said that if the blind lead the blind, both fall into the pit.
  1. Covering up our sins and mistakes (Gen 3:7). The story could have been different if Adam and Eve, after eating the fruit, realized their mistake and immediately tried to make it right. Instead, they tried to cover up their mistake to deceive God and themselves. They saw themselves in their sin and tried to sweep it under the rug. How often do we try to sweep our mistakes under the rug to look good?
  1. Hiding from God (Gen 3:8-11). When Adam and Eve heard God enter the garden, they tried to hide from him. The more we hide, the more we believe we will not be seen and not face the consequences of our choice. But instead of being vulnerable, real, and opening a door for healing and reconciliation, hiding tries to conceal what one has done from God or others.
  1. Blaming others/refusing to take responsibility (Gen 3:12-13). Once they were exposed and could hide no longer, then they confronted the actions. But instead of taking responsibility, Adam blamed Eve and blamed God for his mess. Eve blamed the serpent. How often do we shirk responsibility and blame someone else for our mistakes?

As a result of the fall, humanity today experiences hardship and difficulties (3:16-19), loss of relationship with God (3:22), and is banished from access to the tree of life (3:23-24). Sin has entered the world, and we face these same eight temptations on a regular basis. God did provide a means of salvation in Jesus, who would crush the serpent’s head (3:15), but we still, as humanity, have to live with the consequences of our choices. But we have the ability to choose to have a relationship with God and say no to temptation and sin, even though our natural pull is toward sin. What will we choose?

Questions for Reflection

1) In what ways do we question the Word of God?

2) What voices do you allow to speak into your life that are in opposition to God? What steps can you take to silence them?

3) Why is it difficult to go against the crowd?

4) Why is it easy to attempt to cover up or hide instead of coming clean?

5) For what things are you blaming God today? How can you reconcile that?

Upcoming Service

This Sunday, we will honor our fathers for Father’s Day. Pastor Ryan will continue the study on the Foundations of Sin and Salvation with the sermon titled “Sin’s Devastation” based on Isaiah 59:1-15 and Romans 5:12-18. What is the full impact of sin? Why is salvation needed? Come by or tune in on Sunday to find out!

Daily Bible Readings for June 11 – 17

June 11: Psalm 71:1-8 What does this passage teach us about God?

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June 14: Psalm 77:13-20 What does this passage teach us about God?

June 15: Psalm 84:1-12 What does this passage teach us about God?

June 16: Psalm 86:1-13 What does this passage teach us about God?

June 17: Psalm 89:1-8 What does this passage teach us about God?

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