Sermon Recap: GOD OF ALL OUR DAYS based on Exodus 3:7-15 & Daniel 7:9-14

One of the most challenging concepts to understand about God is his eternal nature. What is meant by ” eternal “? We often frame it in reference to eternal life- a life beyond this one that continues forever and ever. But the Hebrews carried a different understanding of eternal. For them, eternal means “outside of or beyond time.” We as humans are bound by time; God is not! He is outside of time and without that limitation. That means God is the past, present, and future simultaneously. How does this impact our faith?
1. God is the God of the Past. He is the God of our fathers (Exod 3:13-15). He has worked in our past and in our ancestors, whether individually or as a community of faith. We are a part of his work; we are part of God’s story! That means God has not abandoned us! He is also the Ancient of Days (Dan 7:9, 13). He has been since creation. He was in control of everything then and is still sovereign today. Even as evil appears to have its way, everyone and everything submits to the Ancient of Days. That means no matter what we face or have faced, God still can be trusted, for he is on the throne.
2. God is the God of the Present. He is the God who sees (Exod 3:7-9). He saw the plight of Israel and its slavery and did something about it. Likewise, he sees us right where we are, with our pain and struggles. He has come to set us free from bondage and slavery so we can live! He will journey with us no matter what we face! He is the Great I AM (Exod 3:14-15). The name means I AM WHO I WILL ALWAYS BE. The implication is that God is everything we can possibly need. If we need strength, comfort, peace, security, or love, we can find it in God! We can depend on him! He is also the LORD (Exod 3:15), the holy divine name intimately tied to salvation. God is our deliverance. He is our freedom. He is the one that parts the sea so we can walk on dry ground. We don’t have to remain in our past or our present struggle, for God is our salvation!
3. God is the God of the Future. He always fulfills his word (Exod 3:12). Therefore, we can trust and rely on his promises. God is the judge (Dan 7:9-12) and will hold all accountable. Even if the enemy and culture are against us, we can stand firm, knowing God will execute his justice in the end. And God is the exalted Son of Man (Dan 7:13-14). One day, every tongue will confess, and every knee will bow down. God has won the victory. Therefore, we have hope for tomorrow and a certainty of life that moves on beyond the grave.
No matter what we face, God is there. He has worked in our past and will set us free. God is beside you now no matter what you are facing. God has given you hope and a future. Will you place your trust in the eternal God?
Questions for Reflection
1) How have you seen God work in your past?
2) How have you seen God work in your family history? Church history?
3) What struggle are you facing in your present?
4) Are you relying on God to see you through?
5) What promise of the Bible do you hold on to?
6) What is your hope for tomorrow in God?
Pastor Ryan Cooper

Beaver Creek Church
Good News Brief Part 2–Feb 1, 2024