RECAP: CHRIST IS THE KING based on Revelation 19:11-21

The early church was under immense pressure from the Roman Empire. At the writing of Revelation, Domitian authorized a wide-scale persecution of anyone in the Roman empire who would not declare Caesar to be lord and pay tribute. Many early church leaders were put to death under this horrible persecution. But the church under fire received at the end of Revelation the ultimate spoiler that encouraged them–Christ is the victorious king!

We are not under fire to the same degree that the early church was. However, it is becoming more and more hostile toward faith and the things of God. How can we stand strong? We stand in the person of Jesus Christ, our coming king. We can trust him because…

  1. He is Faithful and True. He is the one who is 100% dependable, the one who will never let us down or fail. He is who he says he is. He is also the righteous standard, the unwavering one who never changes. Even though the world might change and definitions of right and wrong in the world’s eyes might change, Jesus never changes. He is the dependable, holy standard. Nothing escapes his eye, and he will execute true justice–one rooted in holiness and his character.
  1. He is the Word of God. Creation is a direct result of the spoken, powerful word of God. There is a reason why the world does not want the Word going forth or to say the name of Jesus, for there is power in his name! God’s Word will never return empty and accomplish its purpose.

What does this mean? If God says it in his holy Word, we can bank on it! That gives us hope. He is true redemption; he said he would come and deliver us from our sins, and he has indeed done so! We can count on him fulfilling his promise that he will return again!

  1. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Even though Caesar tried to use this title for himself, it rightly belongs to Jesus! Despite humanity’s best efforts to minimize or discount Jesus, in times of national tragedy people return to prayer because innately they know there is One higher than it all. God is El Elyon, the highest one, the name above all names, the one to whom everything else answers. All earthly rulers will bow to the name of Jesus. All spiritual beings, including Satan and the demons, will also bow to the name of Jesus. He will never be defeated and will fight our battles for us. He just invites us to trust in him!
  1. Our enemies will be defeated. At the end, all those who rise up against Christ will find themselves defeated. The beast will lose his power. The false prophet will be silenced. Any voice that tries to confuse or injure the body of Christ will be exposed and dealt with. Their destiny is declared to be the lake of fire.

Even when we are afraid, and it feels like evil is winning, we can trust that God has already won the victory and stand in it! Let us truly worship and devote our lives to the service of the King. We can’t serve two masters, Jesus, and the world; our true master is the one we show we serve with our lives outside the walls of the church!

Why share the end of the story? If we are faithful, yet discouraged, there is hope in the name of Jesus! But if we are not following Jesus, there is still time to repent and pledge allegiance to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Don’t take the mark of the beast and pledge loyalty to this world. Rather, live in the victory of Christ; defeat sin and temptation, for in Christ we are overcomers!

Questions for Reflection

1) Do you fully trust Jesus with your life? Why or why not?

2) In what ways have you experienced the faithfulness of God?

3) Do we believe that Jesus reigns victorious? In what areas of your life could you use the victory of Jesus?

4) Who do you truly worship? Who do you pledge loyalty to?

5) When people observe you outside of the church, can they tell you are a follower of Jesus by your living?

Upcoming Service

This Sunday, Pastor Ryan will be away for Katie’s dance convention. Bob Hill from the Gideons will be sharing about how the Gideons make a difference for Christ in the sharing of God’s Word. There will also be an opportunity to give a special offering to support the Gideon’s work! Come and hear about this wonderful ministry!

Daily Bible Readings for January 10 – 16

January 10: Matthew 4:1-11 How did Satan try to manipulate Jesus to become a king in a different way than the cross?

January 11: Matthew 13:1-23 How do we know Jesus is king in our hearts?

January 12: Matthew 20:20-28 What does the kingdom of Jesus look like?

January 13: Revelation 4:1-11 What will heaven be like?

January 14: Isaiah 11:1-9 What are the characteristics of king Jesus?

January 15: Psalm 119:1-8 Why is the Word of God important?

January 16: Psalm 119:9-16 Why is the Word of God important?

This Week’s  Events:

Tuesday, January 10–Women’s Fellowship meeting @ 1 pm

Wednesday, January 11–Deadline for submissions of reports to office

Thursday, January 12–Outreach class Christmas dinner

Sunday, January 15–Gideons presentation during worship & love offering for Gideons

Monday, January 16–Timothy Bible Study @ 7 pm

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, January 18–Outreach Team @ 7 pm

Thursday, January 19–Leadership Team @ 7 pm

Sunday, February 5–Congregational Business Meeting after church w/soup & sandwich meal provided by Women’s Fellowship

Sunday, February 26–Birthday dinner


New Year Long Series

We believe in following Jesus. How do we grow in our faith? All year long, we will explore the twelve Spiritual Disciplines. These are spiritual practices with the intention on helping us grow deeper in our faith and relationship with God. Each month, we will focus on a different discipline. For January, we will explore the discipline of worship. And in this section, I will include an exercise you can practice to help with spiritual growth.

Worship / Spiritual Discipline Challenge

The word “worship” comes from a Hebrew term meaning to make oneself low, bow down, and exalt another. To fully worship God, we must take the counsel of John the Baptist: “I must decrease, so he can increase” John 3:30.

The word closely associated with worship is the word devotion. The word devotion literally means from the Hebrew to place before one’s face. So if we are truly worshipping and devoted to God, we are before his face, in his presence regularly. But there is a second side to the coin: what do we bring before our faces? Do we saturate ourselves with God or other things?

This week’s challenge: write down at the end of each day how you spent your time. If you went to work, write down “work” and about what hours. If you spent time watching television or reading the paper, or on the phone, write that down.

Then, on Saturday evening, evaluate what you wrote down. Then, answer the following questions:

  1. What did you spend the most time on?
  1. How much time did you spend on things of the faith?
  1. Are things of faith a priority, or an afterthought?
  1. The item that you notated that you spent the most time on is what you are devoted to the most. If it is not a matter of faith, can you let it go?

We will gravitate toward that which we devote ourselves to, to bring before our face the most. The more we spend time with God, the deeper our faith will become!


If you are a newer attendee at Beaver Creek,  please call the office or leave in the offering plate your birth date so we do not miss anyone!

Call for Worship Leaders and Children’s Story

We are in need of both worship leaders and children’s storytellers. If you would like to serve, contact Alice Over (worship leading).


If you served on Leadership Team last year, we need your end-of-the-year report for the council meeting! Please send it to Tess at the office by tomorrow, January 11!

Call to Prayer 

Let us continue to pray for our nation in the following ways:

1) National return to God

2) Repentance of personal sin

3) Repentance of corporate sin

4) Healing for the brokenness of relationships

5) Our leaders

6) Revival

7) Guidance for our congregation in the days ahead

Idea Box!

What do you want to see at Beaver Creek? What are some ideas you have for the long-term growth of our congregation? Any outrageous outreach ideas? Please either email Pastor Ryan or write them down and place them in the brown suggestion box in the narthex. Dream big!


The Christian Education Team is looking for volunteers for the nursery during the Sunday School hour. If you are willing to help, even if it is just for a Sunday, please reach out to the Christian Education Team and let them know.

Four Ways to Give! 

1) Mail your tithe into the church office

2) Drop it by the church office on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, 9 am – 1 pm

3) Our online giving platform:

4) Drop off in the offering plate on Sunday!

Prayer Needs

Continue to Keep in Prayer our members in Skilled Care Facilities: Mary G Miller, Shirley Miller, Stanley Suter & Carolyn Wine

Sandy Bennington (peace)

Patsy Dastoli (health)

Elijah Tucker Dean (health)

Natalie Dodge (health)

John Fix (addiction)

Cindy Heatwole (health)

Bob Hess (health)

Tori Jackson (peace)

Darlene LaPrade (health)

Mark Martin (health)

Meeta McNett (COVID)

Barbara Meadows (health)

Alda Miller (health)

Betty Miller (health)

John Miller (COVID)

Norlen Miller (health)

Mary G Miller (health)

Mary M Miller (health)

Savannah Miller (health)

Tami Plaugher (health)

Evy Kaye Sandin (recovery)

Ann Simmons (health)

Crystal Smith (health)

Tess Southerly (recovery)

Norma Suter (health)

Whitmore family (house)

Grayson Whitmore (recovery)

Mary Whitmore (health)

Shelvy Wittig (health)

Owen Wright (health)

Pastor Ryan Cooper
Beaver Creek Church

Good News Brief–January 10, 2023