Earlier this afternoon, Governor Northam ordered that all schools across the commonwealth will be closed effective the next two weeks. In his declaration, he emphasized the desire to contain the virus now to limit its spread and scope of impact. Likewise, just about an hour ago President Trump declared a national emergency over this virus.

Even though our previous communication stated that we would have Sunday service regardless what Rockingham County Schools decided for this Sunday, the declaration by both our President and Governor stress the importance of limited gatherings of people, and thus we will follow the guidance and cancel service this Sunday as well. Below are our recommendations:

1) We will be closed at least the next two Sundays, 3/15 and 3/22, and all church functions as well, including team meetings.

2) As we follow the guidance of our District, local, state, and federal officials, we will decide on a Sunday by Sunday basis on when to reopen. Our hope is to be able to have service again on 3/29.

3) The church office will remain open during regular hours as long as we are not directly affected by the coronavirus. But please call ahead before coming to office in an abundance of caution.

4) The deacons will be in touch with our church family, alongside of myself, on a regular basis during this current crisis. If you are in need and need assistance (ie, low on groceries), please call the office (540-828-2767), or my cell (540-490-0850), and we will, as we are able, provide the help needed.

5) I will be limiting in-person visitation over the short term as well to when need arises, again to exercise much caution. I will be in touch by phone.

6) Communication will be shared through this prayer chain email, the website, and we will try to “resurrect” the old phone prayer chain for communication purposes. We will explore automated phone messages in the future.

7) As able, we will live stream a mini “service” on Sunday morning. We will also post on the website the daily readings and questions for those of you who have enjoyed doing them.

We do not know how long this will last. We pray that by a collective, intensive effort now, the spread of the virus can be contained. Pray for those who have been affected by the virus already, and those who will still be affected. This is an unexpected season we are facing, but together, with our faith and trust in the Lord, we will reunite in worship in a few weeks.

Pastor Ryan Cooper
Beaver Creek COB

Update from the Pastor