Week of March 15 – 21

March 15: Genesis 14:17-24 How was Melchizedek radically different than the king of Sodom?

March 16: Ruth 2 How did both Ruth and Boaz demonstrate they were individuals of high character?

March 17: 1 Samuel 21:1-9; 22:6-19 How did Ahimelech help David? What was the result of that act of service?

March 18: 1 Samuel 30 How did David demonstrate he was individual of high character?

March 19: Nehemiah 2:1-8 How did Nehemiah’s faithful service open a door to help his people?

March 20: Matthew 25:31-46 How will God respond to our attitudes of serving others?

March 21: Philippians 2:1-11 Why should we imitate Jesus?

Bible readings for March 15-21