Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
December 20, 2018
Present: Chris Dastoli, Theresa Eckard, Candy Hensley, Jeanette Hess, John Hoover, Reba Kline, Joe LaPrade, Amy Saum, Ex-officio: Bill Wood – Deacon Chair, Elaine McGann – Interim Pastor, Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk, Alice Over, Ann Healy, Tom Wilfong. Absent: Kenny Wheelbarger, Donna Miller – Treasurer.
Jeanette called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Theresa opened with devotions.
The minutes from the October meeting were approved.
Calendar Roundtable: January 6 – First Sunday breakfast, January 6 – Bread and Cup Communion during worship.
The Treasurer’s report was approved.
Matters for the Leadership Team:
John reported that the planned painting at the church was not done this year. The funds for the project was budgeted in the 2018 budget and not in the 2019 budget. The facilities team will need to bring the request for funds to the Leadership Team for approval.
Ann discussed potential uses for the parsonage. Some potential uses suggested were an Airbnb, Open Doors, Bed and Breakfast.
Pastor’s Report: Elaine reported that she is working on getting the younger adults together for some acticities. She asked for prayers for this endeavor. Elaine also reported that all advent services and activities are ready.
Search Committee Report: Bill reported that there are no new candidates for consideration.
Old Business: A check for $1,000.00 was given to the Lang family for immediate use.
Focus Teams’ reports are due to Tess by the end of the year. Our next Congregational Business meeting will be on February 3, 2019
New Business: None
The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.
Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk

Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Re-Organizational Meeting
December 20, 2018
Present: Chris Dastoli, Tom Wilfong, John Hoover, Joe LaPrade, Theresa Eckard, Mike Suter, Alice Over, Bill Wood, Diane Miller, Candy Hulvey, Amy Saum, Candy Hensley. Ex-Officio: Elaine McGann – Interim Pastor, Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk.
Chris welcomed new members.
Chris requested that teams get to together to organize as soon as possible. The new chair for each team should get information from the out-going chairs.
The Finance Team was asked to conduct a financial review for 2018.
Bill presented a quote from Comcast for broadband and phone services for the church and office. A change of carrier would involve new wiring and configurations. Joe LaPrade and Tom Wilfong will check into a possible change of carrier. Bill will act as an advisor and Tess Southerly will be an ex-officio member of the group.
Next Meeting: January 17, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Devotions: Chris Dastoli
Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk

December minutes posted