Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
October 15, 2015
Present: Evy Kaye Sandin, Bill Wood, Jane Cyzick, Candy Hulvey, Sean Dunn, Jeanette Hess, Theresa
Eckard. Ex-officio: Glenn Bollinger – Pastor, Donna Miller – Treasurer, Dana Suter – Church Clerk.
Absent: Charles Wright, Deborah Hoover, Bill Eckard.
Evy Kaye called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Glenn led the group in devotions and a prayer. The minutes from last month’s meeting and the Treasurer’s report were approved. The master calendar was updated.

Focus Teams:
Christian Education and Discipleship: Jane reported that Debbie Bollinger will be the VBS director next year and Theresa Eckard will be the Brethren Woods representative. Following Jane’s report, there was a discussion on special Sunday School sessions and the fact that they need to be approved by the Christian Education and Discipleship FT.
Congregational Connection: No report.
Facilities: Glenn shared information regarding the possibility that Beaver Creek has partial ownership of the Spring Creek Town Hall. A representative from Beaver Creek will obtain the deed from the Court House. At this time, the Leadership Team does not feel it is appropriate for Beaver Creek to use the building for events due to a lack of liability insurance and other safety issues in the building.
Finance: No report.
Fellowship: No report.
Outreach: Jeanette reported that the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes will be collected on November 22. The First Sunday Offering in November will be going to Operation Christmas Child. Beaver Creek will be ringing the bells for the Salvation Army at the Dayton Farmer’s Market on December 19. There will be a collection box for the Heifer Project in the vestibule until Christmas.
Ministry: No report. Ministry Team is meeting next week.
Worship: Candy reported that the Worship Team is looking for someone to direct the Christmas Eve Service. A candidate for Choir Director was interviewed last week but the candidate declined the position. Glenn is working on a playlist of music to use at different times in the church. The Worship Team continues to work on updating the responsibilities /duties of their team in their booklet.
Deacon’s Report: Donna reported that the combined Love Feast with Montezuma COB and Mt. Bethel COB was well attended. The deacons will meet the second week of November.
Pastor’s Report: Glenn shared concerns with the need to stay connected with members and friends of the Beaver Creek COB as well as concerns for the District Conference coming up in November.

Unfinished Business: Sean made a motion that the revised church polity be accepted and Candy seconded the motion and the motion passed. The revised polity will be presented at the Fall Congregational Business meeting. Evy Kaye presented only two units for the upcoming 2016 – 2018 term, the LaPrades and the Woods will serve. John Wright has agreed to a second term the Gifts & Calling Team. The results of the Facilities discussions will be included in the packet at the Fall Congregational Business meeting.

The Leadership Team is concerned about the water problem in the basement. Bill Wood made a motion to authorize the Facilities Team to seek an opinion from a qualified contractor on what it would take to solve the water problem. Jeanette seconded the motion and the motion passed. The “Spiritual Life” discussions have been rescheduled for December 6.

New Business: The 2016 budget was reviewed. The Leadership Team accepted the budget to be presented at the Fall Congregational Business meeting. (The agenda for the meeting is included in the official minutes in the church office.)

Evy Kaye led the group in a prayer.
The next Leadership Team meeting is November 19, 2015 at 7:00 pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Dana Suter, Church Clerk

October minutes posted