Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
July 17, 2014 

Present:  Jeanette Hess, Candy Hulvey, Donna Miller, Evy Kaye Sandin, Denise Shiflet, Bill Wood.  Absent:  Marlin Simmons, Kenny Wheelbarger, Charles Wright.  Ex-Officio:  Glenn Bollinger – Pastor, Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk.

Donna Miller called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.
Darlene LaPrade opened with devotions.
The minutes from the previous meeting were approved with corrections.
The Treasurer’s report was distributed and approved.

Focus Team Reports:

Ministry:  Bill Wood reported that the team will meet in August.

Deacons:  Bill Wood reported that the Deacons will be making communion bread on October 1.  Love Feast will be held on October 4.

Congregational Care:  Bill Wood reported that the team wished to thank Sean Dunn for loaning the church his sound board.  A new sound board has been ordered and received.  The newsletter is being done by Bill Wood until Regina Harlow returns from serving as interim Pastor.

Worship:  Candy Hulvey reported that our Homecoming speaker will be Rev. Robert Alley.

Christian Education:  Jeanette Hess reported that the team continues to work on obtaining Sunday School teachers for the fall.

Fellowship:  Denise Shiflet reported that the waffle bar went well and was well attended.  The team is planning more special themed breakfasts on July 27 and August 31.  The team will meet on Tuesday to plan for the Church Retreat.  They are also working on new activities for the fall.  Apple Butter Boil will be held on October 3-4.

Facilities:  No report.

Outreach:  No report.

Finance:  No report.

Pastor’s Report:  Glenn reported that Annual Conference attendees (John Jordan and Ann Healy) will have a time for sharing during the Sunday School hour; date to be announced.  The participants to National Youth Conference are ready to go.  The group met last Sunday with some other youth from the area that will be going with them.  NYC Sunday will be held on August 10 or 24.  Glenn has had someone inquire about baptism.  Membership classes need to be held prior to baptisms.  Possible dates for baptism are September 21 or 28.  The Springs of Living Water Initiative team met and will host an event in September or October.  A concern was raised about Vacation Bible School being held at a time when Glenn was absent.  Future dates for VBS should be approved by the Church Office and the Christian Education Team.

Old Business:  [There was a discussion of nominees for church jobs.]

We are still in need of 2 more deacon units.  We can have up to 4 more units according to the polity.  [Additional names were suggested. Full minutes, including names, are available from the Church Clerk.]

Donna reported that the 6 month team reports have been received in the Church Office.  One report needs some follow-up.

An e-mail was sent to Steele and Alice Dunn explaining the need for an expense log from them.  They requested a skype meeting with Donna and Glenn to ask questions and clarify the log.  Steele is sending Glenn some information from other missionaries comparing how they report their expenses.  Steele’s first expense report will be due in October.

Donna passed around some evaluation forms she received from John Jantzi to conduct a Pastoral Review.  After some discussion, it was decided that we proceed as we have in the past.

New Business:  Carole Grove sent out an e-mail to each team asking for budgets.  The deadline is August 1.  The Finance Team will meet on August 6.  Evy Kaye Sandin will send the giving report to Carole.

Other Business:  None.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:41 pm. 

July minutes posted