Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
February 20, 2014 

Present:  Jeanette Hess, Candy Hulvey, Donna Miller, Daniel Over, Denise Shiflet, Marlin Simmons, Kenny Wheelbarger, Bill Wood, Charles Wright.  Ex-Officio:  Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk.  Absent:  Glenn Bollinger, Evy Kaye Sandin.

Donna Miller called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

Bill Wood opened with devotions.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s report was distributed and approved.

The master calendar was passed around for each team to add events.

Focus Team Reports:

Worship:  Candy Hulvey reported that the Special Needs Sunday School Class will lead the Sunrise service.  She also reported that the sound quality of the live streamed services is terrible.  This concern should be handled by the Congregational Care Team.

Christian Education:  No report.

Facilities:  No report.  Donna Miller reported that the outside lights are not working properly.

Deacons:  Bill Wood reported that the Deacons continue their extra visitation.

Ministry:  Bill Wood reported that church needs are being met and Pastor Alley is doing a great job.

Congregational Care:  No report.

Finance:  Charles Wright reported that the team has not met due to scheduling conflicts.  They hope to meet at the end of March.  Stewardship articles will be in the newsletter.

Fellowship:  Denise Shiflet reported that the social time before Sunday School is well attended.  An appreciation lunch will be held on March 30 for Pastor Alley.  The Sunrise service will be held on April 20.  The All-Church Birthday Party will be held on May 4.  The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on April 19.  A women’s tea, led by Linda Alley, is being planned.

Outreach and Missions:  Kenny Wheelbarger reported that a request was made from the Upper Room Sunday School Class that the March First Sunday offering be used to help pay for Steele and Alice Dunn’s health insurance.  Kenny expressed how proud he is of our church for stepping up to his request to give to the Salvation Army.

Pastoral Concerns:  No report.

Old Business:  The new office copier is working well.  The old copier will be removed and donated to Equipping the Saints.

A consecration service for Jessie Houff will be held this Sunday led by Pastor Alley.

An e-mail was sent to Steele and Alice Dunn regarding their request for insurance funding.  A response has not been received.

Deborah Hoover and Denny Miller have agreed to serve on the Homecoming Committee.  Two others have been asked and are considering serving.

New Business:  None

Other Business:  Since 2002, $5,994.00 has been collected as undesignated memorial gifts.  The polity states that gifts under $1000.00 should be put in the General Fund.  Only one gift has exceeded the $1000.00 amount.  After a discussion about what to do with this money, Charles Wright made a motion that any funds from memorial gifts 2 years or older be put into the Building Fund.  Jeanette Hess seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

Donna reminded the teams to be working on their team notebook to pass onto the next group.  The notebook should include minutes, notes, calendar of events, etc.

Polity Review:  The following Articles were reviewed and changes made as needed.

  • Article #1 – Personnel Selection and Tenure
  1. A question was raised about whether service and officials records are kept.
  2. Church trustees should be re-affirmed yearly on the ballot
  3. No changes
  • Article #2 – Employed Staff
  1. No changes
  2. Memorial book should be kept by secretary.  Change the spelling of “role” to “roll”.
  3. No changes
  4. No changes

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.

February minutes approved