October 12 and 13 have been set as the dates for Beaver Creek’s annual Apple Butter Boil this year. On the 12th, a crew will be needed to get the apples and cider, and to get them ready for cutting into small pieces (snitting). Snitting will begin early in that afternoon and continue until the work is done. Then in the early hours of the 13th, a crew will start out boiling the cider. Snits will be added after daybreak, and then the kettles must be continuously stirred until the apple butter is ready for the canning crew.

This will be the first Apple Butter Boil under the revised operating plan adopted at our Apple Butter Summit earlier this year. Briefly, the Men’s Fellowship will be in charge of what goes on outside (apples, cider, fires and stirring) and the Women’s Fellowship will be in charge of what happens inside (food service and final canning). Volunteers will be needed throughout Friday and Saturday, inside and out. This activity features a lot of fun and fellowship, but also requires many helpers.

Much more information will be forthcoming as the time approaches, but for now, save the date!

Apple Butter Boil set for October 12-13