To worship, humbly serve others and proclaim Jesus Christ.

Beaver Creek Church was formally organized in 1806. Prior to this time, German Baptist Brethren, or “Dunkard,” families (as our founders were called at the time), were already gathering to worship in nearby homes. Elder Daniel Miller is considered to be the founding spiritual leader of the congregation. The early congregation consisted primarily of his family members, and to this day, his descendants are still numbered among the members. When Elder Daniel Miller passed away in 1819, two sons, Jacob and Martin, took over leadership responsibilities. A meeting house was built on the Miller land, and in 1828, the sons officially signed the deed for the land over to the congregation.

In the more than 200 years of its history, Beaver Creek Church has seen many changes. The congregation hosted the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference in 1861, was instrumental in the organization of Spring Creek Normal School (now known as Bridgewater College) in 1880, and has been responsible for the organization of at least 17 “daughter” congregations in surrounding communities.

Following our founders’ tradition of having no creed but the New Testament, members strive to live as Christ would have us live. Jesus brought a message of life, love, and hope. But he offered much more than inspiring words: He understood that people’s spiritual needs also include day-to-day human ones — food, health, rest, comfort, friendship, and unconditional acceptance. “I am the way,” he told his followers. He showed them how to trust, how to care, and how to help. Steadily, lovingly, even radically, Jesus went about saving the world — by serving its people.

Because we believe his message, we at Beaver Creek Church seek to do the same.