“July flip” planned

For the four Sundays of July 2019, Beaver Creek Church will be flipping the order of Sunday School and our Sunday morning worship:

  • Sunday worship 9:30 a.m.
  • Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

At the Sunday School hour, individual classes may choose to continue with their usual lessons or they may join Pastor Elaine for a “Talk Back” in the sanctuary. In this session, everyone will get a chance to follow up with Pastor Elaine on her sermon and the Biblical texts involved.

As Pastor Elaine asked in the June newsletter: “What would the listeners, the congregation, say if they could ‘talk back’ to what I have just preached? Sure, I watch faces in the congregation as I preach. As they leave, some people make comments to me about the sermon. I would like for there to be a time and place for more interaction with the congregation. So I proposed to the Worship Team that we take one month-July to switch Sunday School and worship times. The idea is that following worship time [9:30] people can choose to attend [at 10:30] their regular Sunday School class or stay in the sanctuary and participate in “talk back” to the sermon. Leadership Team approved this idea.”

That’s just one of the stories in this month’s newsletter, now available online. Other highlights include:

  • Church calendar of events
  • A note of thanks from our Brethren Woods runner, Jeanette
  • A note and picture on June’s Vacation Bible School (held jointly with the Montezuma and Dayton congregations).

Here’s that link again: July 2019 newsletter.


May minutes posted

Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Minutes
May 16, 2019

Present:  Chris Dastoli, Mike Suter, Joe LaPrade, Amy Saum, Marlin Simmons, Zack Wampler, Kenny Wheelbarger, Bill Wood.  Ex-Officio:  Elaine McGann-Interim Pastor, Darlene LaPrade-Church Clerk.  Absent:  Theresa Eckard, Deborah Hoover, Donna Miller-Treasurer.

Chris called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

Amy opened with devotions.

The minutes from the March Leadership Team meeting were approved.

The minutes from the April Leadership Team meeting were approved.

Calendar Roundtable:  SDDMA – May 17-18, June 2 – Graduate Sunday, June 2 -First Sunday Breakfast and First Sunday Offering (AVA Care), June 9 – Outdoor worship and carry-in meal, June 15 – Father/Son Banquet, June 17-20 – VBS at Dayton COB. (more…)