Roofers at work

Beaver Creek Church serves its members and the community in the following ways:

  • Sunday School program from Nursery through Adult.
  • Support of caring ministries such as Habitat for Humanity, the Bridgewater Interchurch Food Pantry, and Brethren Disaster Relief.
  • Active participation in community prayer via telephone and email “prayer chains” that mobilize the church to pray for immediate needs.
  • Adult choir that welcomes all those interested in singing.
  • A Men’s Fellowship that meets quarterly and lends its support to building and maintenance projects around the church.
  • A Women’s Fellowship that meets monthly to conduct special projects on behalf of the church.
  • Vacation Bible School for a week in the summer for children and youth.
  • Tape Ministries for those unable to attend services.
  • Monthly church newsletter.
  • Weekly webcast of Sunday morning worship services
  • Mobile-friendly website