Currently our Fellowship Hall is under construction. Certain areas in the basement have been taped off. Please do not disturb the barrier. They have been hauling dirt out by the truck loads all this week. Please be mindful of the mud, so that it is not tracked into the sancutary. We will keep you posted on the construction with pictures.

Here is a report from the March 2011 church newsletter on behalf of the Stewards Commission from Kenny Wheelbarger:
At this time we are working in the basement.  The process of lowering the basement floor took on new life, when I was approached by a member to see if we could remove the posts from the center of the room.  We contacted an engineer and with some careful studies decided the posts could be replaced with steel beams.  These beams will be 14 inches tall and still leave us a 7 foot clearance to walk under.  They will be supported by steel posts on the outer ends next to the walls.
As the engineer did his studies, he questioned me on the idea of underpinning the existing wall so as to not have the bench around the outside walls.  So with the thought of saving more floor space, we opted to go with the underpinning process.  Of course with the changing of any construction plans, come the possibility of taking more time to complete the job.
We would like to express our appreciation of support to the Outreach class, for working with us and cancelling the Spring Oyster dinner.  I am sure it was a difficult decision to have to make.  I know that I will definitely miss that awesome meal.  We also would like to express our appreciation to the congregation for its patience and support during this process.
I would also like to thank the guys from County Line for the awesome job they are doing downstairs.  It has been some back straining labor and those guys have been up to the task. As the project comes to a finish, I am certain we will have a work day.  I am hoping that some of you will be able to come out  and have some fun with us as we do some finish work and some major cleaning up.

Here are more pictures of the work in progress on the fellowship hall.

Preparation for footers under the wall

Steel Beams to go into the ceiling, being prepared by Michael Jordan

Digging out for footer in storage room

John and Michael Jordan running the machines
Bringing in the next beam
Almost in
John cutting the old post away

Glenn explaining something to Sean
Last beam

Look this way.
Glenn and Kenny
Steel beams are done !