RECAP: GLORIFIED ONE based on Matthew 17:1-9

Did the disciples truly understand who Jesus was? Even though Peter had declared Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God, he still did not fully understand the whole depth and purpose of Jesus, even going so far to rebuke Jesus when Jesus again prophesied he would die. The disciples had an expectation, like all of Israel, of what the Messiah would look like and what he would do. They did not understand who Jesus was at all, until that day on the mountain. In that moment, when Jesus was transfigured before them, becoming the Glorified One, the disciples then truly understood what was meant as Jesus was the Son of the Living God! What did they encounter on that mountain? And how can we grow in our understanding of who Jesus is?

1) Experience the Glory of God. When Jesus changed before their very eyes, he became as white as the light. Two figures suddenly appeared, and they were quick to recognize them as Moses and Elijah. Why these two? These two men were acquainted with being in the presence of God, and both had encountered the glory of God. Neither had to provide their name; the disciples knew instantly who was there. Moses and Elijah did not see God face to face; they only touched the glory of God. Yet the three on the mountain saw Jesus face to face, but now encountered him in the fullness of his glory. The weight of the goodness of the glory of God rested in that very place. Everything had changed.

Do we recognize the presence of God in our midst? Have we encountered the weight of his glory? Do we offer our sanctuary as a place where God’s presence can freely dwell among us?

2) Listen to the Voice of God. Peter did what he did best–insert his foot in his mouth. He offered to build shelters for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah! What purpose would that have served? But then, God the Father spoke from the heavens “This is my Son, whom I love; with him, I am well pleased. Listen to him!” The three heard the audible voice of God for the first time. They had to shut up, stop their ramblings, and listen. They had to tune their ear to hear the voice of God.

Are we tuned to God’s voice? Or do we allow distractions or good intentions to get in the way?

3) Honor the Holiness of God. Once they finally listened to God’s voice, they understood they were standing on holy ground. They reflected on who they were, and who Jesus was as the perfect Son of God. They could not help but bow down low, similar to how Isaiah bowed down and cried “woe is me,” when he encountered the presence of God. God is holy, and nothing impure can stand in his presence. They had to reflect honestly with themselves in light of the full revelation of God.

When we truly see Jesus for who he is, do we recognize his holiness? Do we deal with our sin? Or do we embrace Jesus so casually, he is just one of the guys/girls?

4) Walk in Fellowship with God. After the disciples truly recognized who they were, Jesus touched them, encouraged them to get up and walk with him down the mountain. God’s goal has always been to walk alongside humanity. When we truly encounter Jesus for who he is as the Glorified One and are changed by his presence, we too can walk alongside him and change this world!

The disciples had an encounter they would never forget. We too can have a revelation of the presence of God in our day. May Beaver Creek and our hearts be places where God’s glory can dwell!

Questions for Reflection

1) Reflect on a time when the presence of God was most palpable in your life. What faith practices were in your life at that time?

2) What distractions are keeping you from hearing the voice of God in your life? Can you retune your heart and remove those distractions?

3) What needs to be cleaned up in your life before God? Can you stand in his presence?

4) Would people say that we are walking in fellowship with God? Is there fruit evident in our living?

Upcoming Service

This Sunday, Pastor Ryan will continue the  “I AM JESUS” series with the sermon titled, “Obedient Unto Death”, based on Matthew 26:36-46. Before the cross, Jesus faced the garden. Why is the garden important? And how does it impact our faith? Come or tune in Sunday to find out!

Daily Bible Readings for March 29 – April 4

March 29: Zechariah 9:9-17 How was Jesus revealed to Zechariah?

March 30: Zechariah 14:1-21 How will Jesus reign victorious?

March 31: Matthew 3:13-17 How did God give his stamp of approval to Jesus?

April 1: 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 How did Jesus reveal himself to Paul?

April 2: Revelation 19:11-21 How does Jesus reign victorious?

April 3: Matthew 10:1-20 What is the cost for following Jesus?

April 4: Matthew 10:21-42 What is the cost for following Jesus?

This Week’s  Events:

Sunday, April 3–Instachoir rehearsal immediately after church

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, April 6–Worship Team @ 7:30 pm

Sunday, April 10–Love Feast, 5:30 pm

Saturday, April 16–Men’s Fellowship Chicken BBQ, 4:45 am

Saturday, April 16–Easter Egg Hunt, 10 am

Sunday, April 17–Easter Sunrise Service, 7 am

Sunday, April 17–Easter Service, 11 am


Call for Worship Leaders and Children’s Story

As we look at the ability to reopen in the coming weeks, we are in need of both worship leaders and children’s stories. We are looking for one person each week, rather than a month at a time. If you would like to serve, contact Alice Over (worship leading) or Tammy Stine (children’s story).

Call to Prayer 

Let us continue to pray for our nation in the following ways:

1) National return to God

2) Repentance of personal sin

3) Repentance of corporate sin

4) Healing for the brokenness of relationships

5) Our leaders

6) Revival

7) Guidance for our congregation in the days ahead


The Christian Education Team is looking for volunteers for the nursery during the Sunday School hour for next year. If you are willing to help, even if it is just for a Sunday, please reach out to her and let her know.

Four Ways to Give! 

1) Mail your tithe into the church office

2) Drop it by the church office on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, 9 am – 1 pm

3) Our online giving platform:

4) Drop off in the offering plate on Sunday!

Prayer Needs

Continue to Keep in Prayer our members in Skilled Care Facilities: Mary G Miller, Shirley Miller, Stanley Suter & Carolyn Wine

John Bennington (health)

Samantha Cooper (health)

Patsy Dastoli (health)

Elijah Tucker Dean (health)

Natalie Dodge (health)

John Fix (addiction)

Cindy Heatwole (health)

Darlene LaPrade (health)

Barbara Meadows (health)

Alda Miller (health)

Betty Miller (health)

Mary G Miller (health)

Marty Moore (recovery)

Tami Plaugher (health)

Lottie Ritchie (health)

Ann Simmons (health)

Crystal Smith (health)

Whitmore family (various)

Mary Whitmore (health)

Tom Wilfong (health)

Owen Wright (health)

Pastor Ryan Cooper
Beaver Creek Church

Good News Brief–March 29, 2022