In December the outgoing and incoming Leadership Teams met. Here are the minutes:

Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
December 21, 2017
Present: Brad Eckard, Jeanette Hess, Diane Miller, Bill Eckard, Reba Kline, Deborah Hoover, Joe LaPrade, Darlene LaPrade, Theresa Eckard, Bill Wood, Elaine McGann – Interim Pastor, Dana Suter – Church Clerk.
Absent: Ann Healy and Donna Miller – Treasurer.
Brad Eckard called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Brad led the group in devotions and a prayer.
The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.
Calendar Update: January 7 – Celebrate Epiphany, January 14 – Bread and Cup Communion
Elaine inquired as to who would make a decision on cancelling church services in cases of inclement weather. Brad will ask several church members that live closest to Beaver Creek to check the roads and parking lot and make a final decision. They will then call Elaine and get the information to the television/radio station as well as call Evy Kaye to place on the church prayer chain.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:17 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Dana Suter – Church Clerk

Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Re-organizational Leadership Team Meeting
December 21, 2017

Present: Jeanette Hess, Chris Dastoli, Roger Simmons, Joe LaPrade, Theresa Eckard, Reba Kline, Bill Wood, Diane Miller, Kenny Wheelbarger, Amy Saum, Candy Hensley, Deborah Hoover. Ex-officio: Elaine McGann – Interim Pastor, Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk.
Jeanette Hess called the meeting to order at 7:44 pm.
The focus teams met prior to this meeting to re-organize their teams. Focus team responsibilities are as follows:
Facilities Team: Roger Simmons – Chair/LT Representative, Marlin Simmons – Secretary, John Hoover
Finance Team: Evelyn Sandin – Chair, Joe LaPrade – LT Representative, Linda Rhodes – Secretary
Ministry Team: Mike Suter – Chair, Theresa Eckard – LT Representative, John Jordan
Worship Team: Ann Healy – Chair, Reba Kline – LT Representative, Bill Wood – Secretary
Outreach and Missions Team: Diane Miller – Chair, Kenny Wheelbarger – LT Representative, Candy Hulvey – Secretary
Christian Education and Discipleship Team: Misty Wheelbarger, Amy Saum, Mitch Moore
Fellowship Team: Deborah Hoover – Chair, Candy Hensley – LT Representative, Deanne Dastoli – Secretary
The Leadership Team requested that the Finance Team conduct a financial review of 2017.
The Deacons need 6 more units to be a full Deacon body. They will meet on January 14 after church.
Bill Wood reported that we have $600.00 from the Cook Fund as start up money for a fundraising opportunity. The Men’s Fellowship and Outreach Team will work together on this fundraiser.
Theresa Eckard will be the contact person for NYC which will be held summer 2018.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 pm.

December minutes posted