Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
January 19, 2017 

Present: Brad Eckard, Bill Eckard, Joe LaPrade, Darlene LaPrade, Diane Miller, Ann Healy, Reba Kline, Theresa Eckard, Jeanette Hess. Ex-officio: Glenn Bollinger – Pastor, Dana Suter-Church Clerk. Absent: Deanne Dastoli, Donna Miller – Treasurer.

Brad Eckard called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Glenn led the group in devotions and a prayer. The minutes from last month’s meeting and the Treasurer’s report from last month’s meeting were approved.

Calendar Update: Feb. 5 – First Sunday Offering – Open Doors, Feb. 12 – Pulpit Supply and Special Music – Regina Harlow, Apr. 15 – Men’s Fellowship Chicken Barbecue

Focus Team Reports:

Christian Education & Discipleship: Darlene reported the following re-organization for their team. Mitch Moore – Chair, Amy Saum – Secretary, and Darlene LaPrade – LT Representative.

Finance: Joe reported that the Finance Team will be beginning the process of the financial review. The Finance Team received a request by the Facilities Team for approximately $1500 to purchase a water softener to alleviate ongoing issues with the ice maker. The Finance Team recommends that the Facilities Team take the money out of their $4700 budget. Joe presented a recommendation from the Finance Team to terminate counting the loose offering after Sunday worship service as it provides no benefit. After some discussion, the LT passed the motion.

Facilities: Bill reported that problems with the ice maker were due to hard water deposits. A water softener was recommended as a solution and the Facilities Team is looking for additional options to fund the purchase. Bill reported that a Sunday school room upstairs needs painting and some lights at the church and parsonage need repair. The road signs directing traffic to the church will be repaired by Eddie Edwards Signs. At the parsonage, the chimney needs to be cleaned and a phone box outside needs repair.

Outreach: Diane reported that the Outreach Team will have a contact person listed in the 2017 church directory for widows who may need assistance with small home maintenance issues. The contact person will then pull from a list of volunteers to fulfill the request.

Worship: Ann reported that the loud noise during church the last several weeks was due to the headset microphone. A new headset has been purchased from the tape fund savings.

Pastor’s Report: Glenn reported that he had attempted to contact some people listed in the church directory who are no longer attending Beaver Creek. Glenn presented a list of names to the LT and Brad recommended that the names be removed from the directory. Bill seconded the motion and the motion passed. The year-end reports will be made available to the congregation this Sunday.

New Business: The following agenda was proposed and accepted by the LT for the February Congregational Business Meeting:

Minutes of Previous Council Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Financial Secretary’s Report
Focus Team’s Reports
Leadership Team’s Reports
Pastor’s Report
Acceptance of Reports
New Business
Approval of Ordination for LaDawn Knicely

The date for Homecoming is Sept. 10. The LT will discuss possible names at next month’s meeting to assemble a committee to organize Homecoming.

The LT discussed changing the date for LT meetings from the third Thursday to the third Sunday after worship. An anonymous donor has made a cash donation to feed members a light lunch after worship and then have the LT meeting begin around 1:00. After some discussion, Ann made a motion that LT have a trial period of four months of meetings on Sunday and then revisit the suggestion at that time. Joe seconded the motion and a ballot vote was taken with a 6-2 vote in favor of the motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

The next Leadership Team meeting will be Sunday, February 19 at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dana Suter – Church Clerk

January minutes posted