Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
October 20, 2016

Present: Bill Wood, Ann Healy, Diane Miller, Brad Eckard, Theresa Eckard, Charles Wright, Darlene LaPrade, Joe LaPrade. Ex-officio: Glenn Bollinger – Pastor, Dana Suter – Church Clerk. Absent: Bill Eckard, Deanne Dastoli, and Donna Miller – Treasurer.
Bill Wood called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Ann Healy led the group in devotions and a prayer.
Calendar Roundtable: Oct. 29 – Men’s Fellowship Chicken Barbecue, Nov. First Sunday Offering – Operation Christmas Child, Nov. 4 & 5 – District Conference, Nov. 11 – 13 – Beaver Creek Cares Weekend, Nov. 20 – Henry Elsea – Pulpit Supply, Nov. 26 – Get the church Chrismon Tree, Nov. 27 – Robert Alley – Pulpit Supply, Nov. 27 – Hanging of the Greens, Nov. 28 – 29 – Open Doors (Beaver Creek responsible for these two evenings).
Pastor’s Report: Glenn and Debbie will be traveling to Arkansas the week after the Beaver Creek Cares weekend and return on November 27. Glenn reported that the Backpack Program has doubled in size to 24 children resulting in a need to get other churches to help support the program.
Old Business: Bill Wood distributed a letter for the LT members from himself and Mike Suter. The letter stated that Bill and Mike had completed a review of the non-transaction accounts of the church. Their review combined with the review of the church’s Wells Fargo checking account by John Wright and Linda Rhodes completes the church polity’s requirement of an annual audit for 2015. Ann made a motion to accept the letter as presented for record purposes and Diane seconded the motion. Diane Miller reported that final preparations are under way for the Beaver Creek Cares weekend. The service projects will include the Sadie Rose Foundation, White Birch Estates, local police and fire/rescue personnel, and Operation Christmas Child.
Congregational Business Meeting Agenda Follow-up:
Bill Wood will present the update on the church’s financial procedures.
The ballot presented to the congregation will not be a full ballot. Robert Alley, Moderator, is aware and may call for an affirmation of the slate of nominees.
Church insurance policy recommendations – The congregation will see slides showing different options available alongside the different deductible amounts.
Budget – Amendments to the proposed budget will include an increase in Glenn’s health insurance and a $300 increase to the Facilities Team.
New Business: Charles reported that Donna Miller, Treasurer, had contacted him about a pending shortfall of about $100 in the Backpack Program. At this time, however, the funds have been depleted in that account and Donna was seeking direction from the LT. Bill Wood will send an e-mail request to the members of the Pathfinders Class to inquire if they would be willing to provide $200 from their Outreach Fund to cover the cash flow problem while we seek longer term funding for the program.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 pm.
The next Leadership Team meeting will be November 17, 2016 at 7:00 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Dana Suter, Church Clerk

October minutes posted