Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
April 17, 2014 

Present:  Jeanette Hess, Candy Hulvey, Donna Miller, Marlin Simmons, Kenny Wheelbarger, Bill Wood, Charles Wright.  Ex-Officio:  Glenn Bollinger – Pastor, Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk.   Absent:  Evy Kaye Sandin, Denise Shiflet.   Guest:  Daniel Over.

Donna Miller called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

Marlin Simmons opened with devotions.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s report was distributed and approved.

The Master Calendar was passed around for each team to add events.

Focus Team Reports:

Worship:  Candy Hulvey reported that they are still working on improving the sound system.  The team will work on the polity during their June meeting.  A question was raised about the need for a CCL license when projecting words to songs on the screen.  The team will look into this.

Christian Education:  No report.

Facilities:  Marlin Simmons presented a proposal from the team to purchase an ice maker for the church.  The cost would be $1699.00 which would be split three ways with the Church, Women’s Fellowship, and the Outreach Class.  The ice maker could be installed in the utility room or next to the kitchen with cabinetry.  The other two groups have not been approached yet.  Charles Wright made a motion that the Leadership Team take the position of offering to pay 1/3 of the cost of the ice maker providing the other parties both ask for help.  Bill Wood seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

Deacons:  Bill Wood reported that the Deacons appreciated all the help with Love Feast.  52 members attended.

Ministry:  Bill Wood reported that the team met with Glenn on April 1.  The transition from pinch pastor to Glenn went very smoothly.

Congregational Care:  No report.

Finance:  Charles Wright reported that the team met on April 14.  The team continues with their effort to put articles about Stewardship in the newsletter.  A computer for the Treasurer has been purchased with help from Bill Wood and is in use now.  The purchase of a computer for the Financial Secretary is being considered.  Charles brought forth a proposal to use the balance of the $500.00 allocated for the purchase of the Treasurer’s computer to purchase a computer for the Financial Secretary.  This computer will use Excel.  Charles Wright made a motion to use $129.00 from the budgeted amount and the Leadership Team will finance enough to purchase a computer for the Financial Secretary.  The motion was seconded by Jeanette Hess and after some discussion was approved.  The team will work with Bill Wood on purchasing a computer.  The team is also developing a process for taking care of counting the offering and accounting for the money before it leaves the church on Sundays.  A group of 6 people with a coordinator (Assistant Financial Secretary) would be needed to count the offering.  The Assistant Financial Secretary would be an office created by and responsible to the Finance Team.  The team has also discussed establishing a Church Audit Team to do an internal audit yearly.  The team will continue to ask for $500.00 to be budgeted yearly in order to accumulate enough for an external audit.  Charles Wright made a motion to budget $500.00 yearly to accumulate until there is enough to have an external audit.  Marlin Simmons seconded the motion and after some discussion, the motion was approved.

Fellowship:  No report.

Outreach and Missions:  Kenny Wheelbarger reported that a letter was received from the Salvation Army thanking Beaver Creek for our donation to help keep their doors open.

Pastoral Concerns:  Glenn asked for each team to let him know when they are meeting so he can attend if possible.  This helps with continuity in the church.  Glenn reported that a congregation member has asked whether the church is using 1st Sunday offerings for the line items that were deleted when the budget was cut.  Glenn would like to meet with the Christian Education Team.  He feels that a Brethren Woods Camp Representative is definitely needed for our church.  Glenn reported that he has met with John Jantzi.  Glenn thanked everyone who stepped up during his sabbatical.   He feels that it was a positive experience for Pastor Alley.

Old Business:  The minutes from the Leadership Team are posted on the church website by Bill Wood after they are approved.  The minutes should also be put in the newsletter.  Donna will follow up on this with Regina.

New Business:  Three positions are needed that have terms ending in 2014.  Let Donna know if you know of someone that would be interested in those positions, as well as names for Deacons.  Deacon training sessions will be held by the District either Sept. 21-27 or Sept. 28-Oct 4.  Donna reminded teams that a 6 month report from Jan.-June is needed.

Other Business:  None.

Glenn conducted a Time to Reflect.  He asked member of the team to list strengths and weaknesses of Beaver Creek Church.  This involved individual and group activities.   Glenn reminded the members that the Leadership Team has the task of leading the church and visioning for the future.

Glenn closed the meeting with a prayer.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

April minutes approved