Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren
Leadership Team Meeting
January 16, 2014

Present:  Jeanette Hess, Candy Hulvey, Donna Miller, Evy Kaye Sandin, Marlin Simmons, Kenny Wheelbarger, Bill Wood, Charles Wright.  Ex-Officio:  Darlene LaPrade – Church Clerk.

Donna Miller called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and opened with devotions. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The Treasurer’s report was distributed and approved.

A master calendar for 2014 was passed around for each team to add events.  Tess will keep this calendar in the church office.

Focus Team Reports:

Facilities:  No report.  A question was raised about the re-planting of trees where old ones were cut down.

Ministry:  No report.

Worship:  Candy Hulvey reported that Homecoming will be held in 2014.  A committee needs to be appointed.

Finance:  Charles Wright reported that the team met on January 10.  The team is recommending that an assistant Treasurer be appointed.  The assistant Treasurer’s name will be on the signature card and will work closely with the current Treasurer.  They should also have a working knowledge of the software currently being used and understand the relationships between the accounts and the church.  The recommendation to appoint an assistant Treasurer was accepted by the Leadership Team.  The Finance Team also recommended that Mike Suter serve as assistant Treasurer with an open ended term.  This recommendation was accepted by the Leadership Team.  The Finance Team recommended purchasing a laptop computer dedicated to church records for the Treasurer’s use.  Donna Miller and Bill Wood will purchase a computer with the funds budgeted in the 2014 budget ($500.00).

Christian Education:  Jeanette Hess reported that Tim Grove and Abby Wampler will lead VBS again this summer.

Outreach and Missions:  Kenny Wheelbarger reported that a better system is needed for the Backpack Program this year.  The team is asking for volunteers to do the shopping.  The choir has agreed to package the food on Wednesday nights.  The team is also looking for other opportunities to help community members with transportation to appointments, treatments, etc.  They are also planning for a more successful Operation Christmas Child campaign this year.

Fellowship:  The Fellowship Team expressed thanks to everyone for a successful welcoming luncheon for Pastor Alley.  The team is planning a women’s tea this year and the birthday dinner in April.

Congregational Care:  No report.

Deacons:  Bill Wood reported that the Deacons will meet this Sunday, January 19.  They will be doubling their visitation during Glenn’s sabbatical.

Pastoral Concerns:  No report.

Old Business:  The new office copier was delivered today.  Wiring still needs to be done to connect to the PC.  Valley Office will return to train Tess on the use of the copier.

Golden Brunk’s comments from the Congregational Business Meeting concerning the building plan and improvements needed were discussed.  Jeanette Hess made a motion for the Facilities Team to keep the blue prints on file for future reference when needed. Charles Wright seconded the motion and the motion passed.

New Business:  Jessie Houff is going into the BVS program.  Donna received a letter asking if Beaver Creek would be interested in doing a consecration service for her in February.  Donna will check with her on this.

An e-mail was received from Steele and Alice Dunn asking if Beaver Creek would be willing to pay for half of their health insurance premium ($2,300.00) as we did last year.  This is not a budgeted item and we are not receiving financial reports from them for the IRS.  A suggestion was made to formally adopt Steele and Alice as church missionaries.  After further discussion, Jeanette Hess made a motion to respond to Steele and Alice’s e-mail that it was our understanding this was a one-time payment and we do not have the money budgeted for their insurance in 2014.  Charles Wright seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

The Leadership Team will be looking at the Church Polity for what needs to be changed, re-worded, etc.  Donna asked each team to look at their team responsibilities according to the polity.  We will focus on team responsibilities as outlined in the polity.  Donna also asked each team to build a handbook for their team outlining yearly duties, schedule, activities, etc.  Each team should take minutes at meetings and give to Tess for church records.

Other Business:

Suggestions were given for members of the 2014 Homecoming Committee.  The committee will consist of three members and will work with the Worship Team or others as needed. 

The following names were suggested:  Faye Wampler, Deb Hoover, Brad Eckard, Denny Miller, and Mike Suter.

Donna asked Leadership Team members to please let her know if you will not be able to attend a meeting.

The Congregational Business meeting will be held on Sunday, February 2 immediately following worship.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

January minutes approved